In this article, you will learn how to delete payment terms. It is important to note that if any clients use this term as their default, their default term will be set to none.

The system will also prohibit you to delete the term if there are any orders that are currently using it. 

If you want to remove the terms from the active list, you can temporarily deactivate it. See How to Deactivate Payment Terms.

  1. On the Module Menu, click Order Management and select Payments. The Payments sub-menu will expand.
  2. In the Payments sub-menu, select Terms. You will be directed to the Terms page.
  3. In the Terms panel, use the fields as filter parameters.
    • Note: you can use multiple filter/search parameters.
  4. After specifying the filter/search parameter(s) click.
  5. The searched/filtered results will appear in the Terms list. Find the term that you want to delete and click its Delete Term icon.
  6. A Confirmation dialog box will appear. Read the confirmation message before proceeding.
  7. Click the >DELETE button to continue deleting the selected payment term.