In this article, you will learn how to create or send emails to users, clients, etc. With the feature update, the Messages module is enhanced with new functionality enabling you to manage messages seamlessly.

The Email messaging feature lets you send/receive email messages. The separation of Email and SMS messaging channels enables you to communicate with your team and customers on their preferred messaging platform.

  1. On the Module Menu, click Messages. You will be directed to the Messages screen.
  2. Click Create Email to open the Messages - Create Email panel. You can also use the Create Email options that can be found on the Quicklinks or the one beside the Advanced Search button.
  3. In the Messages panel, specify the following details:
    Recipient(s) click the >SELECT RECIPIENT button to select recipient(s). This opens the Select User window. To select a single recipient, click its Select User icon. To select multiple recipients, select the users' checkbox and click the >SELECT CHECKED button.
    • To add more recipients, click the >SELECT MORE button.
    • To clear selected recipient(s), click the >CLEAR RECIPIENT button.
    Subjectenter the subject of the email message.
    Message enter the content of the email message.
    • Note: use the Formatting Toolbar to format the contents.
    Attachmentclick the Browse button to select and upload the email attachments.
    Send Email and SMS to send the message as an Email and SMS, select this checkbox.

  4. Review the message details and content before sending. Click the >SEND button to send your email message.