Harvesters usually looks at the app's Harvest List directly without having to change the Unit Type. However, if a product's unit type is tagged as Special Tray Unit Type, and the farm's settings is configured to not display trays by default then certain requests will not appear on the list. To change this configuration, there are two (2) options to choose from. Either update the unit type itself by deselecting the Special Tray Unit Type checkbox or configuring the farm's settings to disable the exclusion of trays from the harvest overview. 

  1. Click the Farm Management module and select Update Farm.
  2. In the Update Farm screen, find the Farm Settings panel.
  3. Find the Mobile App Exclude Trays by Default from Harvest Overview field and click its drop down menu.
  4. Select No to disable the exclusion of special trays from the app's Harvest List.
  5. Scroll down and click  to apply the updated farm settings.