In this article, you will learn how to search picks or view the pick list using the Truck Routing module. This feature lets you filter and narrow your search. It also displays a some of the pick's information at a glance.

  1. On the Module Menu, click Truck Routing and select Routes. By default, the Routes sub-menu is already expanded.
  2. Click Pick Lists to open the open the Truck Routing's Pick List page.
  3. In the Pick List panel, use the Date, Product Type, Product, and Unit Type fields to filter the picks and narrow down your search.
  4. After defining the filter parameters, clickto initiate the search. The related results will appear in the Summary and Details panel.
  5. In the Summary and Details panel, you can view picks' details at a glance. In addition, these panels lets you generate summary and shipment's detailed reports.

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