In this article, you will learn how to configure the truck routing settings. This configuration includes the service duration, shipment settings, and restrictions.

  1. On the Module Menu, click Truck Routing and select Routes. By default, the Routes sub-menu is already expanded.
  2. Click Settings to open the Truck Routing Settings page.
  3. In the Truck Routing Settings panel, specify the truck routing settings and define its configuration:
    Service Time (mins)enter the appropriate service time in minutes.
    Start Depot Service Time (mins)enter the depot service's start time in minutes.
    End Depot Service Time (mins)enter the depot service's end time in minutes.
    Max Order Countenter the maximum number of order count.
    Route Capacity Cushion (%)enter the route capacity cushion in percentage. The specified value will be added to the current capacity set. (i.e. if the specified value is 20%, the route capacity cushion value will be at 120% of the current capacity set)
    Force Like-Shipment Groupingclick the drop down arrow to enable/disable this option.
    Max Spaces For Like-Shipment Groupingenter the maximum spaces for like-shipment grouping.
    On Drag & Drop, Expand MULTI Items By Defaultclick the drop down arrow to enable/disable this option.


    • Driving a Truck
    • Avoid Truck Restricted Roads
    • Avoid Ferries
    select the checkbox of the appropriate restriction. Selected restrictions will be implemented after saving the changes.

  4. After configuring the truck routing settings, click  to update the Truck Routing Settings.