In this article, you will learn how to create shipments using the Truck Routing module. This feature enables you to specify shipment information from the basic delivery and product details to source and destination locations.

  1. On the Module Menu, click Truck Routing and select Shipments. The Shipments sub-menu will expand.
  2. Click Create Shipment to create new shipments. You will be directed to the Create Shipments page.
  3. In the Shipment panel, specify the shipment Information. This panel requires the basic shipping information such as the delivery details, product details, and other shipping related information.
  4. In the Source Address section, specify the shipment's source information. This panel lets you specify the shipping's source address, or the source farm location.
  5. In the Destination Address section, specify the shipment's destination information. This panel lets you specify the shipping's destination address, or the destination farm location.
  6. After specifying the shipment details, click to create the shipment.