In this article, you will learn how view existing shipments from orders and shipments created from the Truck Routing module's Shipments option.

  1. On the Module Menu, click Truck Routing and select Shipments. The Shipments sub-menu will expand, displaying the following options:
    • View Shipments
    • Create Shipment
    • Export Shipments to CSV
    • CSV Import
  2. Click View Shipments to search and view existing shipments. You will be directed to the Shipments page.
  3. On the Shipments page, use the Shipments panel to search/filter shipments by specifying one ore more details.
  4. After defining the search/filter parameters, click The relevant searched/filtered results will appear in the Shipments list. In this list, you can view some of the shipment's information.
  5. To view the complete shipment details, find and click the shipment that you intend to view. This will open the selected shipment displaying three (3) panels containing the following:
    • Shipment Info
    • Source Address
    • Destination Address