The Convert Drivers to App Users option lets you convert existing drivers to app users within the Driver Management module. Instead of creating a new user in the User Management module for the selected driver, you can quickly create login credentials using this option.

The created credentials are instantly enabled so drivers can access the Driver Mobile App during product pickups and deliveries. After the conversion, you can provide the credentials to drivers for use.

To do this, open the Driver Management module and select View Drivers. You can use the Drivers panel to define search/filter parameters and narrow your search.

On the Drivers list, find the driver that you want to convert and click its Convert Driver to Login User icon. This will direct you to the Convert Driver to Login User page.

In this page, you can user the Login User Details panel to specify the login details such as:

Email Addressenter the driver's email address if available.
Usernamecreate a temporary driver' username or set a username for them.
Passwordenter a temporary password, the driver can change this by accessing the account using the temporary credentials.
Repeat Passwordre-enter the password to proceed.

Review the login details before continuing and click >SAVE.