After setting up your farm, adding products, and configuring all the settings, you can now add drivers to your Turf Logistics platform. Drivers are essential in routing as their tasks is the center for this operation. For the complete how-to articles on driver management, See Driver Management.

Open the Drivers Management module and select Drivers. The Drivers sub-menu expands, this is where you can create new drivers and manage existing ones. Click Create Driver to create a new driver and specify its information.

In the Create Driver page, there are two (2) panels you can use to specify the driver details - (a) Driver Info and (b) Owned or External Driver Details. The fields under these panels may change depending on the type of driver that you want to add as owned and external drivers have different parameters. 

It is important to indicate first the type of driver before entering driver information by selecting between the Owned or External radio button.  Once the appropriate fields are generated, start entering the driver information.

After specifying the driver details, review the information and click >SAVE to save and add the driver in Turf Logistics.

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