After adding products to your farm, create unit types to categorize units used for your products. This process allows you to assign units to your products. Together with unit sizes and unit prices, it enables you to process orders seamlessly since the system will use these preset configuration when creating an order. For a detailed step-by-step guide, see How to Create Unit Types.

To create Unit Types, open the Product Management module and select Unit Types. In the sub-menu that expands, click Create Unit Type. This opens the Create Unit Type page wherein you can specify the unit type details.

Specify the unit type details. The Unit Type panel is composed of the following:

  • Unit Type
  • Unit Abbreviation
  • Refund Unit Type
  • Piece Size
  • Spaces
  • Special Tray Unit Type
  • Active

After specifying the unit type details, click >SAVE to save and create the unit type.