After updating the farm's details, configuring farm settings, preparing products/services database, and pricing, you can now start processing orders. There are two (2) ways to create order:

  • Order Management Module's Create Order
  • Quicklink's Create Order menu

To create orders using the Order Management module, click Order Management and select Orders. The Order Management sub-menu expands, select Create Order. This will direct you to the Create Order page wherein you can process orders.

The summarized steps below will guide you on how to create orders:

  1. Select a client
  2. Specify the client's delivery address
  3. Choosing the appropriate pricing tier
  4. Specify the customer's delivery preference and harvest details
  5. Adding products
  6. Review the order total and;
  7. choose the appropriate saving option

For more information on how to process orders, read the Creating New Order article or go to the Order Management section of this documentation for the complete How-To articles.