Add clients/customers to quickly access their information when processing their orders. This will automatically add their information in the Order page after selecting them. You can find this feature in the Client Management module which enables you to manage client details and settings.

To add clients/customers, open the Client Management module and select Create Client. This will direct you to the Create Client page wherein you can specify the client's basic information and define preferred settings. There are five (5) panels to fill in which includes:

Client Infothe Client Info panel lets you specify the client's basic information which includes the client name, address, contact information, notes, and status.
Delivery Addressthe Delivery Address panel lets you specify the client's preferred delivery address. In some instances, delivery address may differ from the client's address. You can use this panel if necessary. This panel includes, the delivery address, map, and delivery address notes.
Peoplethe People panel lets you add people associated to the client. This can be used to add the client's contact persons or team. The following information includes the Name, Title, Phone, and Email of the person(s).
Jobsthe Jobs panel lets you add current or future jobs/projects associated to the client.
Settingsthe Settings panel lets you configure the client's basic and advanced settings.

For more information on managing clients, view the complete How-To articles in the Client Management section of this documentation.