The Support icon provides an easier way to reach us and access help articles when you need them. It is available in every page whether you are updating your farm, managing orders, setting up products, and more. 

If you are getting an error, experiencing issues, or you just have a simple question, you can click the Support icon which is always at the right side of every page to help you. In this article, you will learn how to use the Support feature and submit tickets for assistance.

  1. Find and click the Support icon which is located at the right side of the page. The Support icon is available in all pages within Turf Logistics.
  2. The Help & Support window opens. In this window, you can submit tickets for inquiries or errors you encountered. In addition, you can also search help articles using the Search Articles link in the upper right side of the window. Search help articles by typing keywords or phrases. Once you enter a keyword or phrase, related results will be displayed below. Also, you can browse help articles without typing keywords or phrases by click the or Browse articles link.
  3. In the Help & Support window, specify the ticket details:
    by default, this field displays the email address associated to your Turf Logistics account. If you want to change the email for this current support session, update the field with the new email address.
    User's Name
    this field only appears if the requester or email address indicated in the Requester/Email field is registered. If the requester or email is not recognized, this field will not be enabled. Once enabled, you can update the value of this field for the current support session.
    enter the subject of your concern, issues, or inquiries. This is a required field, when entering a word or phrase, a panel with suggested articles will expand. You can use this panel to find related help articles for the errors or issues you encountered.
    Message Body*
    enter your message or description of the error you encountered. This is a required field. You can also use the Formatting Tools to format your message or add links.
    Attach Files
    click the Attachment icon to upload files, images, or videos to support your message.
    Take Screenshot
    click the Camera icon to take a screenshot of the page you are in. This is very helpful when you encounter errors as it will show us what you are experiencing and from feature or page you got the error.
    enter your name or the farm's name.
    enter your email, you will receive email notifications when we reply to your ticket using the email you entered in this field. You may need to scroll down to see this field.
    Phone Number
    enter your phone number where we can contact you. You may need to scroll down to see this field.
    Order # *
    enter the order number if applicable. This is a required field, if there is no order number, you can put 0000 or ALL to continue with the ticket. You may need to scroll down to see this field.
    click the drop down arrow to select the affected product:
    • Lawnifi
    • Sod Solutions
    • Turf Logistics
    You may need to scroll down to see this field.

  4. Click the Send Feedback button to send your questions, inquiries, or concerns.