In this article, you will learn how to create refund request for client refunds.

There are two (2) basic components of a refund request (a) the client requesting the refund and (b) the refund details. It is worth noting that these details are necessary when processing the refund request. Follow the steps below and click the steps to know more about the process:

STEP 1: Getting into the Create Refund Page and Finding the Requesting Client  

In this step, you will be guided on how open the Refund Request form and selecting the client who is requesting the refund.

  1. On the Module Menu, click Order Management and select Refunds. The Refunds sub-menu will expand.
  2. In the Refunds sub-menu, select Create Refund. The Select Client window opens.
  3. The Select Client window lets you choose the client that you are processing the refunds for. In this window, you can search the client using the Client No and/or Name fields to search/filter the result.
  4. Once the relevant search result appears, click the Select Client icon to select the client. You will be directed to the Create Refund page.

STEP 2: Specifying the Refund Request Information

In this step, you will be guided on how to add the required refund request information.

  1. Click the Refund Date field to activate the Calendar and select the client refund date.
  2. Click the button to choose the order that will be refunded.
  3. The Select Order window will appear. In this window, you can search/filter and select the order that will be refunded. You can use the Client Name and/or Order No fields to filter the order. To select an order, click the Select Order icon.
  4. In the Type field, click the drop down arrow to select the refund type:
    • Pallet Return
    • Tube Return
    • Other
  5. In the Units field, enter the number of units to be refunded.
  6. In the Cost/Unit ($) field, enter the cost per unit or product price per unit.
    • Note: the Subtotal ($) field will automatically generate the refund subtotal. While the Sales Tax (%) and Refund Total (%) fields are disabled by default. If you need to update the sales tax, just edit/update the value of the Sales Tax (%) field.
  7. To credit the refund to the next order, select the Credit Next Order checkbox.
  8. In the Quickbooks Item Name, enter the preferred QB item name or double-click the field to select the item name.
  9. In the Location field, click the drop down arrow to select the farm location.
  10. In the Notes field, enter the refund related notes.
  11. Review all the refund information before saving. Click to create the refund request.
  12. A Confirmation message will appear on the screen indicating that the refund request was successfully created.