In this article, you will learn how to setup the Order Cancellation Declined Email.

Order Cancellation Declined emails notify clients that the order cancellation request was declined.

  1. On the Module Menu, click Farm Management and select Update Farm. You will be directed to the Update Farm page.
  2. Scroll down and find the Emails panel. This panel lets you manage the farm email messaging features.
  3. Click the Order Cancellation Declined tab to open.
  4. Specify the required information:
    • In the From Name field, enter the name of your farm. Use the Farm shortcode by entering %%FARM_NAME%%.
    • In the From Email field, enter the farm email address. Use the Farm Email address shortcode by entering %%FARM_EMAIL%%.
    • In the Subject field, enter the order cancellation declined subject.
    • In the Body field, enter the message body. You can enter the content directly or copy and paste existing company order cancellation declined templates.
      Note: you can use the Formatting Tools to format the Order Cancellation Declined email.
  5. Review the Order Cancellation Declined before saving.
  6. Review the updated Emails panel before saving. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, locate and click the button to update the changes.
  7. A Confirmation message will appear on the screen indicating that the Farm was successfully updated.