Yes, you can create custom reports using Order Management. This feature allows you to specify report parameters and add custom fields.

  1. On the Module Menu, click Order Management and select Orders.
  2. The Orders sub-menu will expand. Click Export Orders to CSV or Export Order Details to CSV. You will be directed to the Export To CSV page.
    • Note: in this example, we use Export Orders to CSV. However, you can apply this method for both options stated above.
  3. In the New Report field, enter the name of the customize report that you intend to generate.
  4. Define the report classification by selecting the appropriate radio button:
    • Private
    • Public
  5. Specify the Report Parameters.
  6. In the Available Fields column, click the Plus (+) sign beside the field name that you want to add to the custom report.
    • Note: to select all the fields, click the Select all link.
      Available Fields

      Delivery Date
      Order No
      Sales Rep
      Business Name
      Customer Billing Address1
      Order Total
      Customer Billing Address2
      Billing Status
      Customer Billing City
      Submitted Date
      Customer Billing State
      Customer Billing Zip
      Customer Billing Country
      Order Fees
      Customer Billing Phone
      Sales Tax Pct.
      Customer Billing Fax
      Sales Tax
      Customer Billing Email
      Payment Method
      Customer Pickup
      Order Status
      Drop Ship
      Taxable Total
      Non-Taxable Total
      Sales Tax Account

  7. You can also edit the field name by updating the existing Column name field. All selected fields will appear in the Selected Fields panel.
  8. To remove the selected fields, click the Minus (-) sign beside the field name.
    • Note: to remove all the selected fields, click the Remove all link.
  9. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click .