In this article, you will learn how to create a waste inventory from an existing active inventory. A separate inventory for the wasted products will be created.

  1. On the Module Menu, click Inventory and select View Inventory. You will be directed to the Inventory page.
  2. In the Inventory panel, use the fields to filter the existing inventories. You can use multiple fields as filter parameters. After defining the filters, click thebutton.
  3. The relevant search/filter results will appear on the list. Find the inventory that you intend to update.
  4. Click the Drop Down Menu and select Waste.
  5. The Waste window opens. In the Units field, enter the number of units that will be tagged as wasted.
  6. Click the button to save the changes.
  7. A Confirmation message will appear on the page indicating that the selected Inventory was successfully updated. A separate line item with Wasted status will also appear on the list with the number of wasted units as previously indicated.