In this article, you will learn how to create truck profiles. This option lets you create truck profiles used to classify trucks based on size capacity, weight capacity, costs, and start time.

  1. On the Module Menu, click Driver Management and select Truck Profiles. The Truck Profiles sub-menu expands, choose Create Truck Profile.
  2. You will be directed to the Create Truck Profile page. Specify the Truck Profile:
    Truck Profile Name
    enter the truck profile name
    Size Capacity (spaces)enter the truck's size capacity in square feet
    Weight Capacity (lb) enter the truck's weight capacity in pounds
    Fixed Cost ($)enter the fixed cost in US Dollars
    Cost / Unit Time ($/hr)enter the cost per unit time in US Dollars per hour
    Cost / Unit Distance ($/mi)enter the cost per unit distance  in US Dollars per mile
    Cost / Unit Overtime ($/hr)enter the cost per unit overtime in US Dollars per hour
    Earliest Start Timeclick the field to enable the Time Selector box. Set the earliest start time.
    Latest Start Timeclick the field to enable the Time Selector box. Set the latest start time
    Forkliftselect the checkbox to indicate a forklift
    Defaultselect the checkbox to make this default truck profile.
    Ecommerceselect the checkbox enable this truck profile in the Ecommerce feature.
    Ecommerce Zonesclick the field to select the preferred Ecommerce Zones

  3. Review the Truck Profiles before saving, clickto add the truck profile.