In this article, you will learn how to create product unit types.

  1. On the Module Menu, click Product Management and select Unit Types.
  2. The Unit Types sub-menu expands, select Create Unit Type. You will be directed to the Create Unit Type page.
  3. Specify the Unit Type details:
    Unit Type
    enter the unit type or unit name
    Unit Abbreviation
    enter the unit type abbreviation

    Refund Unit Type
    click the drop down arrow to select the refund unit type preference:
    • Box Return
    • Drum Return
    • Pallet Return
    • Tote Return
    • Tray Return
    • Tube Return
    • Other
    Piece Size
    enter the unit piece size
    enter the number of unit spaces
    Special Tray Unit Type
    select the checkbox for special tray unit type
    select the checkbox to enable this unit type in Ecommerce feature
    select the checkbox to activate this unit type

  4. Review the Unit Type panel before saving. Click to create the unit type.