In this article, you will learn how to  create client-specific refunds. This option allows you to process a refund request from the Clients Management module on the selected client's account.

  1. On the Module Menu, click Client Management and select View Clients. You will be directed to the Client Management page.
  2. On the Client Management page, use the Clients panel to search/filter clients by entering one or more details.
  3. After defining the filter parameters, click.
  4. On the Clients list, choose a client and click the Drop Down Menu in line of the chosen client. The Drop Down Menu will expand.
  5. Select Refunds and you will be directed to the Refunds page.
  6. Locate and click the button.
  7. You will be directed to the Create Refund page. Specify the Refund Details.
  8. In the Refund Date field, click the field to activate a Calendar. Select the Refund Date from the activated calendar.
  9. In the Type field, click the drop down arrow to select the product refund type. Additional fields will be activated.
    • Note: selecting Other from the drop down will not activate additional fields.
  10. The <Units> Out field (e.g. Pallets Out, Tote Return) will display the number of units sold to the client.
  11. In the Units field, enter the number of unit(s) to be refunded.
  12. The Cost/Unit ($) field will automatically display number number of cost per unit. However, you can still update this field.
  13. The Subtotal ($) field will automatically display the refund subtotal.
  14. To include Sales Tax percentage on the refund, enter the sales tax percentage in the Sales Tax (%) field.
  15. The Sales Tax ($) and the Refund Total ($) fields are disabled but will display appropriate calculated amount in US Dollars.
  16. To specify the Order No. click the button and choose the appropriate order.
    • Note: to remove the order number, click .
  17. To credit the refund in the next order, select the Credit Next Order checkbox.
  18. To associate this refund request to QuickBooks, enter an item name for this request in the Quickbooks Item Name field.
  19. To add notes or description, enter your note or message in the  Notes field.
  20. Review the refund request details and click .